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Recently, I received an email from a contact who had viewed my Squatty Potty Youtube video.  The highest word "success" leads on another business wordsThis person had noticed I hadn’t maintained my blog in months.  He shared some information and words of
encouragement saying in his last line of the message, “I hope you are still fighting the good fight”.  Little did he know how I had been struggling to continue with this blog.  In reality, I didn’t fully believe that I could say something that would powerfully affect people.  My primary motivation for creating this blog was from my wife’s prompting to do so.  She believes in me when I don’t.  I’m blessed to have her.

After reading the email, I decided to take a look at my Squatty Potty video.  To my surprise, my video (at that moment) had almost 15,000 views.  Wow!  My jaw dropped with mouth wide opened.  I read the various comments in a state of awe that people would actually take the time to comment (good and bad).  In this moment, I began to feel encouraged.  I made a commitment to return to my blog continuing my pursuit of a pure life, sharing my experiences.

I thank Dr. Jerry Kennedy for his empowering words.  His words have given me an uplift to began anew and continue what I started.  This is an excellent example of how your words can affect others.   Always choose words of encouragement and truth that bring life.smiling-mouth-expression_71v53W

The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook. …Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.—[Proverbs 18:4 & 21]


May you be in peace and live your life for the Most High’s purpose.


Author: Allen

17 thoughts on “Your Words Have Power

  1. You know I’m your biggest fan 🙂 You have so much wisdom to share and you are such a blessing!

    (Of course I should go start posting again on my own blog, but we’re not talking about me here – lol!)

  2. I also enjoyed your YouTube video. There is so much negativity in the country today we need more people like you, so happy and enthusiastic, to keep us positive. Kate

  3. Your blog is good. People are looking for people they can trust to provide guidance on health. Not like those ridiculous web md sites who are scared to say anything out of the box. A real person giving real advice – that’s what folks want. Keep up the good work!

    1. Charles, I’m hoping to inspire others to pursue healthy living choices as I continue to learn and progress.

      Thank you for your encouragement.

  4. I left this comment on your meat article, but it did not go through, so I will try it here.

    Allen, what do you think about eliminating meat from diet altogether? From my understanding, Jesus, (and Father, through intuition), has told me “thou shalt not kill”, unless you really need nourishment. I have been on this journey (eating very similarly to you) for over a year now, incorporating some grassfed meat and sardines mostly, (and I genuinely believed vegetarianism/veganism didn’t have enough substance to it, even though I ate lots of veggies) Lately though, as I have been introduced to some scripture of Jesus, I have come to mostly believe that this vessel of body we live in is not as important as the spirit we maintain within it. Now this is not to say that we should be carefree with the body (it is, after all, allowing us to exist and interact and work out all of our issues, karma, etc…), but if we kill animals for a slightly healthier body – the question is… do the health benefits of eating humanely raised animal flesh upon the body, outweigh the consequences (karmically speaking), of sacrificing a soul in the form of a cow, or even a sardine. It may appear to me to be a relativity issue in this world, where sardines are acceptable while cows (more developed souls, in my opinion), are not to be sacrificed. As I study Eastern philosophy (Self-Realization), I am not very much into scripture, but I am definitely interested and open to the thoughts of the Lord, whether they come through us with intuitive meditation, or in flesh with Jesus (as Hinduism/Self-Realization fullheartedly appreciates and understands the wisdom Jesus brought).

    I ask and pose this question for you Allen, because after stumbling upon your kefir video, I found you to be a great, very intuitive soul, very in touch with Father, and I can relate to you in my interaction with Him in many ways. I have been Weston Price/Paleo with lots of veggies up until 2 weeks ago, until I had a realization that maybe we should not sacrifice other lives to better our body, and maybe even if vegetarianism (with lots of pastured eggs/kefir) is not as ideal as a few additional meats, we should listen to our higher Self, and forego on that additional nutrition and live off the fruits, veggies, and plants, animal milks, nuts, eggs, etc that Father has given us, again even if not ideal, (if we believe that the true Self, or our soul development towards Self, is greater accomplished by foregoing meat nutrition, even if good for the body (false self/ego). Though of course body is necessary for Spirit to shine through, and worldly things can interfere i.e. (if someone serves me meat, of course I will eat it). I ended up rambling my thoughts too much I think, but your videos inspired thought within me today, so I thought I would return some Food (ha!) for thought back to you (and anyone who may read this). Keep up the great work Allen. Peace

    1. Interesting I should receive this comment at this moment in my life journey. You see, I have been struggling with my own eating this past 4 months or so. I fell into a cycle of eating things I know are not good for me (Junk food); thus the reason for the inactivity on my blog and Youtube. Just this very day I may the decision to get back into obedience and discipline. So, I find your comments to be timely and not coincidence.

      Okay, now I will answer your question from my own thoughts. Whether we eat flesh (meat) I don’t think is a problem. The kind of flesh we eat is what I believe can be an issue. I follow the prescribed flesh YHVH (God) permitted to be eaten, as written in the Scriptures (Bible) in the of Book of Leviticus Chapter Eleven. Also I there are accounts of fishes and loaves being multiplied and eaten in the Scriptures (Matthew 14 &15, Mark 6 & 8, Luke 9, John 6). Furthermore, Yeshua (Jesus) gave and dined on fish after He resurrected (John 21). I know my examples only mention fish. Fish and cows may not be the same flesh; however as written in the book of Leviticus 11, cow flesh is allowed to be eaten. Some in mainstream Christianity would say, the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) permits us to eat as we desire, but I disagree. I don’t believe Yeshua (Jesus) changed the original instructions for eating flesh found in Leviticus 11 nor does He condemn eating flesh as long as it follows the instructions of the Father as to what flesh is permissible. This is how I’ve made my decision. I do believe the Father’s original plans was for us to eat plants, seeds and fruits alone. But after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, eating of certain flesh was permissible for some reason I yet do not know.
      Understand that the Bible is my first source for my finding truth with all others aligning with it. In my estimation, most people do not really read it or truly seek the Creator who reveals Himself in it. Instead, we have been given traditions, religions and doctrines of men that base their ideas upon it. Not enforcing the true word but enforcing the traditions and ideas of men.

      That’s my answer. Hope it helps you.

      1. It was interesting timing for me as well that I found your kefir videos at the time that I did. I had been having dietary troubles/struggles as well. Something about your video (vs. another one) drew me to click on it, and thus led me to explore your website.

        We are all human Allen. We have some level of human weakness inflicted upon as, no matter how good we are to stay on the track of God. Though we should strive to refine and perfect ourselves to be more like Him, we can never be perfect, so I think it’s important to constantly remind your Self to be good and stay on track, but never beat your self up for not being perfect, even if you get off track a little bit, and readjusting your direction back on track without beating your self up for it (which does not do any good).

        I understand the justification for the prescribed and forbidden meats, as it can be inferred and intuitively recognized that some animals, for example, should never be eaten. A raven, or pig, or beetle, for example, are “dirtier” animals, and does, on an intuitive level, seem rather primitive and unruly to eat. But is it not possible that these “prescribed” meats, which are supposedly “OK” to eat, are simply God’s intermediary step between unruly (bad) meats, and vegetarianism (ideal)? By this I mean, He supports our need for prescribed flesh in those instances where we need it to survive, and understands our desire for prescribed flesh in instances where we are still primitive in nature (only pleasing the senses), but I would pose the question: While God may permit these animals to be eaten, would it please Him even more if we did not kill any of his animals whatsoever, and lived entirely off of His other substantive, non-living, and non-sperm/embryo/life-containing vessels of nutrition and energy, such as raw full-fat dairy and eggs (which are very “meat-like” in nature.

        With this in mind, I respect where everyone is in Life. Some are in the whirlwind of the human delusory senses, thinking that Happiness and “Love” only exists in pleasing the sense pleasures with unruly food, sex, drugs, etc. Others just really like Bacon… 😉 Maybe they just have not seen that point of view that the Leviticus meat ideas prescribe, and that is totally fine. But as I continue my strength and relationship closer to God, I wonder, (and am curious to hear others on the same track) of their opinion on whether vegetarianism (not eating any previously-living soul) is the ideal respect of God and all of His seeds and souls (over simply eating prescribed meats, which is not ideal, but of course better than unruly ones). I ponder this because I used to mock vegans and vegetarians for their unwillingness to eat substance. But now I repent those sentiments I made, and feel that the Hindu Self-Realization sect of thought which loves and would never hurt cows may be right. Intuitively, they seem to be very Divine beings and great friends of ours. I am conflicted in these ideas though, as I have respect for the Bible, yet feel that even if parts of it were Divinely-inspired, it was still conflated with confusion of non-Godly men writing it, whereas, what makes the most sense to me, is intuitively feeling that all animals, including cows, are not to be slaughtered for our tastebuds unless we are absolutely needing of their nourishment (most of us are not in this position). Thus, I struggle and have to conclude that the prescribed meat chapter seems to contradict my feelings that, if we can survive without murdering a fellow soul in the body of a cow, we should certainly do so.

        I apologize for such a long message and I do not want you to feel like you have to respond to it all. I simply wanted to pose my updated thoughts to see if you get the gist of my struggle between my intellectual understand of “clean” and “unclean” meats (written by man, even though I do like the Bible), and my intuitive feeling that, while God prefers us to certainly eat clean meats over unclean meats, he would even more prefer and Love us for not sacrificing any of His children whatsoever, unless of course the NEED arises.

      2. Here is a very interesting different perspective on this. This man, Paramahansa Yogananda, who is one of my Guru’s, clearly and spiritually assesses meat as food for humans. Though espousing mostly vegetarianism, he intuitively observes that if one eats meat, the animals that protest the least, and therefore may serve as meat for us, would include fish and lamb, as they are the least developed (and do not protest their death). Read this article, it is a good read, in my opinion, and better voices my views about meat-eating.

        1. Isaac, from what I have understood from you written words, within you is a strong conviction against eating meat (living souls). My suggestion is to stay firm with it. Yes I also believe it’s not the most ideal, yet permitted before YHVH (God). As of now, I will continue to eat meat unless my perspective changes. 🙂


  5. Hey man, really just wanted to say after watching your video I was convinced into buying the Squatty Potty. I havent receiced it yet, but as I sit on the toilet now as I am typing this comment I know that it will bring positive change into my life. To me, being pure is about doing shit the best way. Peace.

    1. Thanks for taking time share you thoughts and purchasing a Squatty Potty. I believe you will greatly enjoy the benefits of squatting. 🙂

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