forgive and forgiveness

Challenge #2 : Forgive

24 November, 2016 Allen 0

To Forgive is to Free Yourself Yes, I’ve experienced this freedom. Many times, forgiving someone for hurtful actions or words is the last thing you […]

7 Outstanding Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

7 Outstanding Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

29 September, 2016 Allen 2

What is Chlorophyll? Chlorophyll¬† (from the Greek¬†khloros¬†=”pale green” ¬†and¬†phyllon¬†=”a leaf”)¬†is the molecule that’s essential for photosynthesis to take place in plants. Chlorophyll is what gives […]

Why Eat Green?

29 September, 2016 Allen 0

¬†What Is Eating Green to Me? EATING GREEN = The primary consumption of green plant-based foods containing chlorophyll, especially leafy green vegetables such as, Romain […]