Can Sitting Be Dangerous to Your Health

man-sitting-on-couch-chairDid you know that long term sitting could be more dangerous to your health than smoking.  That’s what recent studies have indicated.  Not that sitting is bad, but maybe the way we sit is the issue.

Did you know in some cultures sitting in a squatting position is quite normal?

A fourth of mankind habitually squats in fashion very similar to the squatting position of the chimpanzee, and the rest of us might squat this way too if we were not trained to use other postures beyond infancy.” -Gordon W. Hewes 

In the video below, Daniel Vitalis explains and demonstrates the benefits of the natural flat-footed squat sitting position.

Author: Allen

5 thoughts on “Can Sitting Be Dangerous to Your Health

  1. Sitting all day is very unhealthy and unnatural. I use a treadmill desk to help alleviate the ill effects. On a different note, I am interested in your idea of what it is to live pure.

    1. To me, living Pure, first of all, means not harming others. It means being as natural and honest as possible and accepting our role as protectors of the natural world. ~ Kathryn

      1. Living pure for me is first putting my Creator before all things. As I love him with all my heart, soul, strength and resources, I’m given the empowerment to love others in the same manner. I also desire to be true, honest, just and loving toward all and living as natural as I possibly can as I improve upon that each day.

        I don’t live a perfect life of purity; however, I wish to be an inspiration for others to aspire to higher degrees of purity, even if that exceeds my own.

  2. Very well done! I am trying but it’s killing my right knee. Any suggestions?
    Also I’m feeling very unstable when in a full squat, but I “lean” against the front of my couch with just my butt against it. Is this a “bad” way to begin developing a comfort level and balance?
    Thanx! Really great vid and I’m interested to learn more. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

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