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Allen Williams  http://golivepure.comHi, I’m Allen Williams.  I hope to encourage you, by my words, my actions, my LIFE. 

My intent is to share how I’m constantly renewing my mind, maintaining my body and living in the spirit.

In my view, there is an important correlation between physical well-being and the wellness of the soul.
In my experience, when my bodily health is good, my ability to have a positive outlook seems to be greatly enhanced.  I’m not saying that bad physical health is always an indication of bad spirit or that optimum health means your spirit is well.

What I’m saying is……I DO believe there’s a correlation between the body and spirit along with the relation of mind/soul and spirit.  Having them all rightly aligned brings about absolute peace.   Do you follow me?

*NOTE:  For some suggested and reviewed products/services, I receive compensation as an Amazon and merchant affiliate.

My Good Life Steps:

  1. To love GOD with all my heart soul and strength.
  2. LOVING others as I would love myself.
  3. Thinking and living PURE.
  4. Proper nutrition.  (Primarily eating GREEN)
  5. Getting adequate exercise.

A Brief History of My Life

For many years, I abused myself through massive alcohol consumption, consuming huge amounts of low nutritional value ( junk) food, sexual promiscuity, and unforgiveness   Becoming withdrawn, angry and depressed,  I felt hopeless.

In addition, I began to suffer serious digestive health issues, with the number one culprit being  Invasive Candidiasis

With my health along with my second marriage quickly falling apart,  I knew an immediate change had to take place.

Spiritual Re-Birth!

So, I began my journey to becoming a new man.   

Falling on my face in tears before God, I gave up the battle against myself.  At that moment, I realized I could no longer stay on this course of self-destruction.

I began my journey from within, understanding that this is where the power of my life existed.    

  • God is within.   
  • The true me is within.
  • Life is birthed from within.

Through several courses of prayer and fasting,  I gained insight into the root causes of my illnesses and distresses.    I quickly took on a new mindset.   

A  few years later,  gainining more understanding of quality nutrition,  I implementeded a new diet adding more depth to my already improved life.  

My Human Body…Yes, It Will Die!

Of course, I understand this body eventually will breakdown and return to dust; however, I have no desire to intentionally expedite the process.

I believe the human body is an absolute masterpiece of craftsmanship and functionality that serves an ordained purpose to be the temple for the Spirit of the Living God.    

Since it has this purpose, I intend to maintain it and cherish it as that temple.  As long as the spirit is in it, IT IS LIVING!   So, I plan for it to live as well as possible.

FINAL WORDSAllen Williams http://golivepure.com/about

I understand not everyone will agree with my way.  Here at Go Live Pure,  I’m sharing for those who may benefit.

I know we do not all have the same beliefs.  Please don’t let that be an obstacle to hearing my words; I certainly will listen to yours.

I believe, if you seek out the God I know and steward your life in His instructions and love, you will begin to find the answers and receive peace.

  • Look within. 
  • Find your purpose in life.
  • Experience JOY and PEACE.

I truly hope this website will be a blessing to you.

Be Your Best and Be Blessed,
Allen C. Williams, Jr.
A son of the Most High


Disclaimer:  The information shared at GoLivePure.com is not intended as professional medical advice.  Changing your nutritional intake, implementing any alternative health practice presented here at GoLivePure.com is done at your own risk. 

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  1. I think you are one amazing human being and being very human! Don’t even know ya but I love ya!! so are you keeping up with your blog?? ( please ignore the photo of my husband here, I don’t know how to change it to me! 🙂

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