Received My Superfood Detox Bundle From

Why I Decided to Try the Your Super 5-Day Detox Bundle

So, I ordered the Your Super Organic Superfood Detox Bundle with a 5-Day Detox Plan.   

I’ve received my Detox Bundle package so I’m going to share what’s in it, the health benefits and how I plan to implement it.

Why am I doing it? 

Recently, I put on a shirt that had always fit well.  Surprisingly, it was very snug around the mid-section.  Frankly speaking, IT WAS TIGHT…VERY TIGHT.  My belly had grown a bit…..A LOT!  Receiving My Superfood Detox Bundle From   http://golivepure.comAre you feeling what I’m saying?  C’mon, I know a few of you are.  

Alarmed, I quickly realized I had to do something fast or this could get out of control.   

My first thought was, “Get some exercise.”  But, I walk almost every morning.  So, this shouldn’t be happening.  Right?

Second thought, “Stop eating the junk food man!  You know better.  Get that diet in order!”   Correct answer…LOL!


Why Consider the Your Super Detox Bundle?

The Detox Bundle contains powerful super foods that help to build your immune system naturally.  Also containing foods that reduce stress and anxiety, the Detox Bundle, in addition, aids in getting good sleep.  Getting enough sleep is absolutely essential to good health.

Because many of us are consuming large amounts of sugar and processed foods,  the intake of more nutrient-dense foods helps clean out our bodies which also naturally builds our immune systems and strengthens our overall health.

Going on a detox diet gives the body the chance to cleanse and renew.


What’s In The Your Super Detox Bundle?
Your Super Detox Bundle The Detox Bundle includes the following nutrient-packed superfood powder mixes.  

1.  Super Green (Net Wt. 5.3 oz [150g])  30 Servings
Super Green has essential vitamins and minerals that help to build your immune system naturally.  Also helps to reduce inflammation.  

6 Ingredients:Your Super Super Green Superfood mix  #yoursuperfoods #yoursuper

  • Wheatgrass  (Germany)
  • Barley Grass  (Germany)
  • Moringa  (Tanzania)
  • Baobab  (Senegal)
  • Spirulina  (Germany)
  • Chorella  (Germany)




2.  Forever Beautiful (Net Wt. 7.05 oz [200g]) 40 Servings
Nutrients for healthy hair and skin.  Large amount of Vitamin C.

6 Ingredients:Your Super Forever Beautiful   Super Food mix #yoursuperfoods

  • Chia Seed  (Bolivia)
  • Acai  (Brazil)
  • Maqui  (Chile)
  • Maca  (Peru)
  • Acerola  (Brazil)
  • Blueberry  (Finland)




3.  Skinny Protein (Net Wt. 14.1 oz [400g]) 25 Servings 
Healthy weight management, increase metabolism and 9 essential amino acids your body does not create on its own.

Ingredients:Skinny Protein  Your  Super Food mix  #yoursuperfoods

  • Hemp Protein (Romania)
  • Pea Protein (Spain)
  • Moringa (Tanzania)
  • Spirulina (Germany)
  • Alfalfa (Germany)





4. Mellow Yellow (newly added)
Reduce inflammation.  Lower anxiety and stress.
Mellow Yellow Turmeric mix


  • Turmeric (India)
  • Ashwagandha (India)
  • Ginger (India)
  • Cinnamon (India),
  • Lucuma (Peru)
  • Pepper (India) 




5. Starter Pack
Contains Single Serving Packet samples of every super food powder mix Your Super offers.

Your Super Travel Pack #yoursuperfoods








6. Starter Booklet
General info with recipes and outlined steps:YourSuper Start Now Book  Yoursuoer,com  #yoursuperfoods

  • Watch recipe videos and download tracking sheets
  • Set-up a 10-minute call with someone from the Your Super team. 
  • Join the Instagram and FaceBook groups
  • Contact info for support.



Added Bonus:  5- Day Detox Plan

Your Super offers a 5-Day Detox Plan group that begins at the beginning of each month.

  1. Join the exclusive member group with personal support.
  2. Printed 5-Day Detox Plan with 34 plus recipes
  3. Socialize with others embarking on the same journey  

My Plan

For the most part,  I will consume smoothies and salads with the mixes added.      


Seeing my belly sticking out over my belt was quite shocking.  It’s amazing how something like that can gradually occur without much notice.  Suddenly, in one moment, you SEE it…LOL!

Getting back on track with my diet should be pretty easy using the Your Super Detox Bundle mixes.   

To get started with the Detox Bundle  click  HERE
Apply discount code: PURE777 
Get 15% OFF your order.  
You can also shop Your Super on Amazon.


Be You Best and Be Blessed,


Disclaimer:  The information shared at is not intended as professional medical advice.  Changing your nutritional intake, implementing any alternative health practice presented here at is done at your own risk. 

Author: Allen C. Williams, Jr.

Husband, father, grandfather, child of God who has discovered the amazing healing power of nutrient-dense food for the for the for the spirit.

6 thoughts on “Received My Superfood Detox Bundle From

  1. How did the Your super 5 day detox work out for you? Did you have more energy? Did you lose a couple of extra pounds? Did it put you back on track?
    Was it 2 smoothies a day with one meal?

    1. Hi Asha,

      I did one smoothie a day eating light for lunch (plant-based salads etc.) and light dinner. As far as pounds lost, I didn’t track my weight but watched my belly slightly decrease…LOL!

      Getting back on track was my main intent.

      Hope this helps.


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