I’m Back…Being Consistent is the Key!

I’m Back…and Making a Commitment to Consistency

Wow!   What an rImBackollercoaster I’ve been on the past 2 years.

The emotional crap I have let control my actions is disgusting.  I’ve literally fell into a deep cavern of dark emotions with momentary highs that quickly sunk into a bottomless pit of hell.  However, I will no longer dwell there.  And I believe everything I’ve experienced did not happen to destroy me but took place to strengthen me…..to develop and instill maturity.

Life is a long distance run, not a sprint.  Learning the difference has been brutal for me.  But, like I have previously stated it “did not happen to destroy me….”

I’m here feeling stronger than ever.   Thank you my God!

Here’s a short video explaining some of that journey:

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