Ending a 3 Day Water Fast

I began this fast to get end3daymyself realigned, focused and back on track with my healthy eating habits and mindset.  I didn’t do it to brag, but to encourage.

Now that it has ended, in the following video I will give some details as to how I will be going forward from here.

Please do not take what I say as expert medical advice..  If you decide to follow something I say, you’re doing it at your own risk.  As I previously mentioned, I’m sharing my experiences here in order to encourage others to become more nutritionally and spiritually complete.

Any type of fasting should be approached with ample knowledge of the subject and some expert guidance by a someone who knows the subject well.  A naturopathic doctor would be a great choice.  In the end, how you choose to fast is your decision, however please be advisedd by the preceding statements.

Enjoy the video!

Author: Allen

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