I Must Water Fast Now!

Whenever I have those times in my life when I must get things under control.  When I’m having moments when all the prayer in the world doesn’t seemfast150 to change a thing, I add the second most powerful weapon in my arsenal….Fasting! Fasting and prayer always bring me to a breakthrough point.  I’ve been doing lots of prayer but no fasting.  Huh, I think it’s about time.

In the past, I’ve done several of two types of fasting; juice fast and water-only.  Of the two, the water-only has been the most effective for me.

Forewarning: I would not suggest anyone lightly enter into a water-only fast.  If done improperly, it can be very dangerous and life-threatening.  You should do diligent research before attempting any type of fasting, especially water-only.

Fasting allows your body to rest, detoxify and heal.  In the spiritual sense, it causes me to be more introspective.  When you’re not able to eat, you realize how much food dominates and controls your life.  From the experience of past fastings, I have a deeper understanding that my soul does not require natural (physical) food to thrive and exist.  Mastering the lust for natural food opens the door to greater spiritual perception and an access to spiritual food that truly feeds the soul.  The soul has eternal life when given the right spiritual food.  Also, in my opinion, the influence of natural foods and the types eaten can definitely affect the proper alignment of your soul for access to the spirituals of the God I believe in.   Hmm?…I think I will address that subject in a future post.  🙂

When I eat badly, it’s usually an indicator of something going wrong internally that is emotional.  This eventually affects me physically, disturbs my soul and inhibits my spiritual growth.

Returning myself to consistent healthy eating habits is the main objective of this short fast.

Watch the video to get more details:

Author: Allen

4 thoughts on “I Must Water Fast Now!

  1. I enjoy your videos, how’s the 30 days going raw coming along? Check out fullyrawkristina she has amazing recipes!
    Looking forward to the next video!

    1. I totally blew it! 🙁
      Still eating green and veggies with some smoothies and juicing. However, I’ve had some devastating moments of complete cave-in to junk food. Yet, I’m not going back, still moving forward.

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