Challenge #3: Have FAITH. BELIEVE it is possible!

Conceive It Then Believe It

Many of us don’t ever fulfill our dreams and ambitions.

We hope, we talk about it, we plan, we muse, we dream; however we rarely take quote -go live pure

First of all, it takes planned action to fulfill a conceived idea.

Even more, it requires a very vital intangible called FAITH.

You Believe…Is That Faith?

There is a difference between faith and belief.  Faith is practiced once you believe.

In my opinion, faith is evident by the actions taken by an individual or group that proves the belief mindset.

It can be said that faith brings a belief into reality.

FAITH says, “No matter what, I still believe.  Now, let me show you how much I believe with my actions.”

For example, you can believe an airplane is capable of flying.   You may actually see it moving through the air and know that it flies.

However, when you buy a ticket,  go to the airport, process through security, show your boarding pass and take a seat on that plane….

…NOW you’re actually trusting the plane to get you from point A to point B….


How many of us have the same belief and faith in ourselves?

Do you have faith in yourself to accomplish what you really hunger for?….What you really dream of doing?




  1. Find or create a plan or system
  2. Set goals
  3. Accomplish the goals
  4. Watch your dream come to life
  5.  BELIEVE and keep the FAITH!


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Be Your Best and Be Blessed,
Allen C. Williams, Jr.


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