Received My Superfood Detox Bundle From

So, I ordered the Your Super Organic Superfood Detox Bundle with a 5-Day Detox Plan.   

I’ve received my Detox Bundle package so I’m going to share what’s in it, the health benefits and how I plan to implement it.

Why did I do it?

Recently, I put on a shirt that had always fit well.  Surprisingly, it was very snug around the mid-section.  Frankly speaking, IT WAS TIGHT…VERY TIGHT.  My belly had grown a bit…..A LOT!  Receiving My Superfood Detox Bundle From   http://golivepure.comAre you feeling what I’m saying.  C’mon, I know a few of you are.  

Alarmed, I quickly realized I had to do something fast or this could get out of control.   

My first thought was, “Get some exercise.”  But, I walk almost every morning.  So, this shouldn’t be happening.  Right?

Second thought, “Stop eating the junk food man!  You know better.  Get that diet in order!”   Correct answer…LOL!


What’s In The Your Super Detox Bundle?

Detox Bundle includes the following nutrient packed superfood powder mixes.  

Super Green  
Aids immune system, has all the vitamins you require from greens, reduces inflammation.

  • Wheatgrass  (Germany)
  • Barley Grass  (Germany)
  • Moringa  (Tanzania)
  • Baobab  (Senegal)
  • Spirulina  (Germany)
  • Chorella  (Germany)

Forever Beautiful
Nutrients for healthy hair and skin.

  • Chia Seed  (Bolivia)
  • Acai  (Brazil)
  • Maqui  (Chile)
  • Maca  (Peru)
  • Acerola  (Brazil)
  • Blueberry  (Finland)

Skinny Protein  
Healthy weight management, increase metabolism and 9 essential amino acids your body does not create on it’s own.

  • Hemp Protein (Romania)
  • Pea Protein (Spain)
  • Moringa (Tanzania)
  • Spirulina (Germany)
  • Alfalfa (Germany)

Also includes a Starter Pack pack containing 7 Single Serving Packets of samples of every super food powder mix Your Super produces.  And getting started booklet.

What you see is what you get!  No added ingredients. 

Just the PURE stuff. 😁


How Do You Implement The 5- Day Detox Plan?

Your Super offers a 5-Day Detox Plan and Worksheets PDF.

You may also join the Facebook support group.

Detox Bundle Fresh Start Plan PDF (click image to download)Receiving My Superfood Detox Bundle From Detox PDF FreshStart


Fresh Start Worksheets PDF (click image to download)Receiving my Detox Bundle from Worksheet PDF


I will use these as guidelines for my plan. 

For the most part, I will consume smoothies and salads.   The Detox mixes will be put into smoothies and spread on salads depending on how it tastes.    


Seeing my belly sticking out over my belt was quite shocking.  It’s amazing how something like that can gradually occur with out much notice.  Then suddenly, in one moment you SEE it….LOL!

In the past couple of months, I’ve grown fond of the Your Super mixes because of their quality, simplicity and pureness.   

Getting back on track with my diet should be pretty easy using the YourSuper Detox Bundle mixes.   

Upon completion of the 5-Day Detox, I shall give a complete update.

BTW,  if you’re considering ordering a Your Super superfood mix, use:

Discount code: PURE777 
For 15% OFF your first order.  


Be You Best and Be Blessed,


Disclaimer:  All information and advice shared at is not intended as professional medical advice.  Changing your nutritional intake, or implementing any alternative medicinal practice suggested here at is done at your own risk.  

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