Chorella: Natural Detoxification for the Body

Chorella the Super Food Powerhouse and Great for Natural Detoxification

One of my favorites in the super food category is Chorella.

Since 2011, I’ve been using Chorella as a supplement mostly for the nutritional benefits and detoxifying qualities.

I’ve had mercury fillings in my mouth for achorella natural detoxification for the body long time.

I had read that Chorella aids in removing mercury from the body so I consumed the chorella to help mitigate the flow of mercury into my body

Chorella is possibly the most well known and most widely studied superfoods in the world.

Chorella is a single cell green micro algae.

Chorella is over 50% protein and has the perfect balance of essential nutrients ( Protein, Magnesium , Chlorophyll, Iron, and amino acids).

This is due to an amazing nucleotide-peptide complex in Chorella called Chorella Growth Factor (GCF).

Composed of amino acids, beta glucans, nucleic acids, peptides and polysaccharides, GCF is not present in any other food, superfood or supplement making it exclusive to Chorella.

7 Ways Chorella Provides Natural Detoxification and Health Benefits for the Body.

  1. Cleanses your liver and bowel.
  2. Helps with elimination of molds within your body.
  3. Helps to keep blood pressure at optimal levels.
  4. Encourages the repair and growth of tissues.
  5. Aids in the purifying the air around you.
  6. Helps you process more oxygen.
  7. Assists in purifying blood and cleaning away of toxins.

In Japan, over 10 million people use Chorella on a regular basis making it one of the most widely used supplements in Japan.

The Japanese recognize Chorella as one of the great foods to detoxify the body.

Chorella Intelligently Targets Heavy Metals

The molecular structure of Chorella allows it to bind to metals, chemicals and some pesticides hanging out in the digestive tract.

However, Chorella does not bind to essential elements the body needs such as zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Chorella seems to know what metals need to be eliminated.

It’s very important to remove these heavy metals within you digestive tract before they enter into your bloodstream tranporting toxins throughout your body.

Chorella will even remove the difficult toxins within our body such as cadmium, mercury (already mentioned), lead and uranium.

It’s encouraged to consume Chorella on a regular basis to keep these heavy metals from accumulating in organs and soft tissue.

But Not Only is Chorella a Great Detoxifier, It Has a Vast Range of Health Benefits

  • Support the immune system
  • Aids digestion
  • Balances your body’s PH level
  • Cancer risk reduction
  • Freshens breath
  • Increases energy
  • Aids focus and concentration

As you can see, Chorella is an amazing superfood.

In my experience with Chorella, I haven’t encountered any uncomfortable effects like one of my friends.
For her, Chorella sent her frequently to the potty…poo-poo…toilet…the loo…You get what I’m saying?   It CLEANED her OUT!

However, this isn’t a negative effect.   Part of chorella’s functions is to detox (remove toxins).   And having a bowel movement eliminates toxins.

Maybe, her system was more primed to excrete.  😉

With that said, I  sincerely believe the intake of  Chorella  is one of the contributing factors in my improved health.

I also can attest to the fresh breath benefit…..Ahhh!

Final Thoughts

Because of so much toxicity in our air, water and food, having a daily intake of chorella is a great way to mitigate the onslaught of environmental poisons and also improving your overall health.

With it cleansing characteristics and superior ability to bind to toxic heavy metals, chorella is  a strong ally in your battle for superior health.

I’ve used it for years with great results.

Hope this info has been helpful to you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Allen C. Williams Jr
Go Live Pure

P.S.  Here is My #1 Chorella Choice

Recently I found a great tasting chlorella I’ve been raving about to my friends called Clean Chorella,Health Ranger Low Heavy Metal Verified image

Being virtually metal free, Clean Chorella solves a problem that is present in most Chorella products…heavy metals.

As I mentioned before, Chorella is great at removing metals from the body because it has an outstanding ability to bind to heavy metals.

However, this can pose a problem when grown outdoors in countries where vast amounts of heavy metals are present in the air and soil.

Because of this situation,  many Chorella products end-up with high amounts of heavy metals contained in them, rendering the Chorella less effective and possibly toxic to you.

Clean Chorella is grown in a controlled indoor environment with laboratory tests proving it to be far cleaner than “organic” chorella.  There’s also a Clean Organic Chorella SL

An added bonus to Clean Chorella is the outstanding taste.   Mmmmm….the best tasting chorella I’ve ever consumed.

Check it out here.

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Author: Allen C. Williams, Jr.

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