My Eating Wasn’t Very Good…Ughhhh!

Sometimes it just happens.  I want to resist, yet I fall to temptation.  This past weekend I worked at conference where there was an abundance of foods I should have avoided like the plague.  Cookies, cinnamon rolls, cake and bread (with white flour).  I thought to myself, “I will try just a little,”  knowing it would lead to more.  I fully understood that overindulgence in these particular foods is what got me in the bad health predicament I found myself in a year and a half ago.  Yet, I did it anyway.  Sigh!

However, I will not dwell on my failure to abstain.  I will forgive myself, reset and move on!

In times past, this would have been a devastating blow to my confidence.  Guilt, shame and surrender would have prevailed, sending me into a downward spiral into unhealthy food choices for an indefinite period.  As time has past, I’ve overcome that negative response to a set-back.  No longer does a momentary lapse in judgement compel me to concede to defeat.  My failures are now used as launching pads of firm resolution towards the intended goal.

To help somewhat rectify a “bad eating moment,”  I usually utilize my trustworthy and always effective method of quick elimination……the enema.  Yes, I said enema!  This is oftentimes a frightening proposal to some.  However, I firmly believe the enema has been a very effective tool in restoration of my health.  Through the deployment of the coffee and warm water enema along with proper nutrition, I have effectively, in the last year and half, cleansed my bowels and brought my liver, gallbladder and entire digestive system into order.

Oftentimes, the relieving effects of an enema can be felt  immediately.  Though the enema is great for cleansing the bowels, it is not recommended to be used as a quick-fix, neither is it a panacea solution to intestinal or overall health issues.  It’s just one of the many great ways for attaining better health.  You do not want to establish the habit of eating bad then flushing with an enema.  That’s why it’s important to not eat bad in the first place so you’re not tempted to use fast remedies as I have done.  Long-term it will not fix the situation anyway.  If you continue to eat bad, you will eventually pay-the-price no matter how many enemas you take.  The enema, in this particular case for me, was used for resetting myself, cleaning out as much as possible and then re-introducing good nutrition to counter the bad.  The periodic maintenance enemas are best for cleansing the bowels and maintaining excellent health.

In conclusion, I will say by no means do I boast to have a perfect healthy eating record or know all the paths to wellness as I walk this new life of more health conscious food choices.  But I do declare that I will always give my best effort in this journey to Go Live Pure.


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Author: Allen

2 thoughts on “My Eating Wasn’t Very Good…Ughhhh!

  1. I am really proud that you don’t beat yourself up after set backs, but rather forgive yourself and move on. You are doing SO much better in that (and in eating) than you used to – I’m so proud of you and inspired by your good choices 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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