Foods that Give You Gas

Got gas? Ever loudly passed gas when you least expected it.street-style-hip-pop-021114-ykwv1

You might want to monitor the foods you’re eating so you can avoid the sudden surprise-gas-blast.  Boom!…Boom!…Boom!  Uhhh….excuse me.

Check out this article on seven of the top gas producing foods:
7 Top Gas Producing Foods

Additional info:

What Causes Gas?
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Author: Allen

2 thoughts on “Foods that Give You Gas

  1. Now I know why I have too much gas to pass as I’m eating most of the foods listed in this article, especially vegetables and fruits. I just thought I’m constipated. Thanks for sharing this info!

    1. Hi Aika,

      Although fruits and veggies can cause gas, I’m still a strong advocate for consuming them. 🙂

      Glad you gleaned something helpful from this post.

      Thank you for your comments and blessings to you,

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