Ick! Bugs in Your Food…Really!

Would you like some bugs with that?

Without our knowledge, many of the foods and products we consume and use have bugs in them.  Of course, they are listed by other names, nevertheless, they are still bugs.

Cosmetics, food dyes, confectioners glaze and drinks contain some of these bugs using names such as cochineal extract, carmine, color (E120), carminic acid and color index (CI 75470).  All FDA approved.

Ingesting these bugs may seem harmless, yet some are experiencing illness such as allergic reactions ranging from asthma to anaphylactic shock.

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Author: Allen

1 thought on “Ick! Bugs in Your Food…Really!

  1. Ok, yuck! Why would they want to mass produce bug product an feed it to unsuspecting folks?!?!! The food industry is seriously WRONG!!!

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