Are School Vaccinations Really Needed?

do vaccinations work
All our lives we’ve been told of the importance of receiving vaccinations against many dangerous viruses. However, is it possible that the prescribed method of prevention is actually causing sickness.

The law in most states require vaccinations for children entering schools.  Yet, there have been objections by many based on personal beliefs or who don’t see vaccinations as being safe.  Many state laws still allow exemption from vaccinations due to religious beliefs.  However the pressure is increasing to make vaccinations mandatory with no exemptions.   Is this safe for children?

In September of 2012, I had a chance to meet April Renee of Vaccination Information Coalition (VIC  She shared some very interesting facts on vaccination safety.

I encourage you to watch the video below where she conveys information on the dangers of vaccinations and the cover-up of the truth.

Along with compelling vaccination information, she also shares her personal experience with the dangers of vaccinations.

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