Are Plants Sentient?

??????????While walking through the woods on many occasions, I’ve often talked to the trees and plants in the woods.  In my heart,  I do believe they can somehow sense my mood or intent.  Besides, natural surroundings have always fascinated me.

Believing that all around us is a gift from God, I try to pay attention to what’s happening in my natural surroundings whether it be plants, animals, the sun, moon and stars.  To me, these reveal a facet of the God that I seek so diligently.

Apparently, there are others who have the same sentiment about plant life having the ablility to sense what’s happening around them.  Even more, some of these individuals have conducted scientific experiments to validate their assumptions about plants being sentient….Sentient is having the ability to feel or sense things.

In my time in the woods, God has really drawn me closer to His creation.  I spend lots of time in the woods talking to YHVH (God) and many times He gives me an answer to prayer through an observation.of His creation.  His hand is evident in all of creation.

Romans 1:20  “For the unseen things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things made, both His eternal power and divinity, for them to be without excuse.” (KJV3)

Whether you believe in a Creator or not, you have to admit there is a very highly complex design to the natural world around us.

Also, I suggest you go out and walk barefoot in the grass,  do some gardening, spend time outside looking at and experiencing what has been given to us by what I believe is a Creator of great intelligence and design.

I encourage you watch this thought provoking video I found on Youtube.

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