I Want to Be Pure!

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Can I Save the World?

Deep within me, I’ve always wanted to save the world in some kind of superhero way.  Being a help to others, coming to the rescue in an emergency and having lots of money to give away…

Yep!…I had those dreams when I was young.   Some of these things I accomplished. yet, not at the level I had hoped for.

The lots of money thing I’m STILL working on…LOL!

Along the way of life, many circumstances and events changed my attitude, creating a lack of self-worth, cynicism and fear.

However, my life now is totally dedicated to helping people turn their lives around.

Back in 2012, I began this blog with high hopes, then I let myself become victim to my emotions.  Riding my emotions led me on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs until finally I crashed….HARD!

Crash Landings Are GOOD!

Bad as it may sound, this crash landing was a very GOOD experience.I

  • It drove me to the end of myself.
  • It forced me to face my fears.
  • It took me to the other side of myself (An ugly darkness).
  • It gave me new perspective of who I am.
  • It demanded my surrender.  (There is a high power than myself).
  • It opened up my heart to receive love and give it.

PURE is What I Want!

In my dark journey, I discovered the light.   The light of my purpose.  The light of my true desire…..

Go Live Pure is not only about pureness in food consumption, it’s also about purity within the soul.

I greatly desire pureness of heart….The pureness of heart filled with love and an awareness of  the Higher Power that sustains me.

So from this point on,  my goal is to cleanse my heart/mind and body.

If you yearn for the same, I invite you to JOIN ME.

Matthew 5:8   “Blessed are the pure in heart.  For they shall see God”


THANK YOU for visiting.

Be Your Best and Be Blessed,
Allen Williams

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Author: Allen C. Williams, Jr.

Husband, father, grandfather, child of God who has discovered the amazing healing power of nutrient-dense food for the body....food for the mind...food for the spirit.

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