I’m Not a Vegan Or Vegetarian

Some of my associates and co-workers often assume I’m a vegetarian or vegan, witnessing me consume fruit and veggie smoothies, green salads and lots of fruit.

So when they see me consume meat they are quite shocked.  My response to them is usually “I never said I was a vegetarian or vegan.”

Maybe I’m viewed that way because compared to most I associate with, they don’t consume much in the way of fruit and vegetables. Fresh vegetables in the basket on wooden background

Well, let me clear things up for everyone.

I am an everyday guy seeking to watch what I eat.  Knowing that some things can be harmful to me, I’ve chosen to be a be more discerning about what foods are going into my mouth.

My goal is to substantiallly increase the amount of good and nourishing food over the amount of bad food virtually eliminating all bad foods and substance.

Not Seeking Perfection

Please note that I have not perfected eating healthy 100% of the time.  On occasion that glazed doughnut or chocolate chip cookie gets eaten…lol!

For me, its been best not to forbid certain foods but note them as caution foods….wink..wink!   This method works best for me.

In my quest to clean-up my eating, I’ve had many falls.  Some have caused me to almost give-up the fight; however, I keep getting up returning to the fight.

Besides, I don’t think I will ever fully prevail.  The urges will always come.  It’s up to me to discipline my mind.  So whenever I have a failure, I learn from it and use it to get stronger.

Thanks for Reading

Well, I just wanted to drop this short note to give a better understanding of one of my goals here at Go Live Pure.

Before I end, here’s a short story on how I named the site.

Originally, I was recruited into this Multi Level Marketing company (MLM) called Genesis Pure.

I intended to start a blog based on the company name Genesis Pure.  However, I quickly realized the opportunity wasn’t for me so I opted-out, which left me with this domain name.  My wife suggested I hold-on to the domain.

In 2011, with a change in my eating habits, my health improved.  By 2012,  my wife encouraged me to blog about my experiences.

Already having Go Live Pure as a domain, she thought it would be perfect for the new blog.  So I took my wife’s advice leading me here today.

Okay, now I’m really done 🙂

Taking your time to visit my blog is much appreciated by me.  With busy schedules and so many other things to capture your attention, I’m very humbled by everyone who takes the time to read my post.

Allen williams
Allen Williams





Thank you and may you be blessed immensely.

Please leave comments below 🙂




Author: Allen C. Williams, Jr.

Husband, father, grandfather, child of God who has discovered the amazing healing power of nutrient-dense food for the body....food for the mind...food for the spirit.

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