Health and Wellness Resources

Online Nutritional and Organic Foods Stores 

  • The Raw Food World – The online purveyor of raw organic foods and natural supplements.
  • Health Ranger Store  Wide selection of quality all natural products from the Health Ranger, Mike Adams of

Find Local Sources of Farm Fresh Products 

  • Local – Find fresh organic foods and fresh produce from local farms close to you.  Discover the joy of Community Supported Agriculture.  Real food, real farmers, real community

 Health and Nutrition Sites

  • Alkaline Forming Foods– List of foods that make your body more alkaline and understanding the importance of alkalinity.
  • Natural News – Keep current on what ‘s happening in natural health.  News articles from around the web.  Expansive information on current happenings in the natural foods world.
  • CureZone – Forum with a plethora of information on natural health.  Educating instead of medicating.

Detox, Cleansing and Fasting

  • All About Fasting – Vast amount of information on fasting.  Advice on water, juice, rice, and fruit fasting.  How do you prepare for the fast?  What to eat after a fast?
  • Fasting – What is fasting? What are the concerns?  Benefits of fasting?  Another source for fasting information.
  • S.A. Wilson – Premium therapy blend (enema) coffees.  Coffee enema products e.g. buckets, bags, disinfectants.  This is where I get all of my coffee enema supplies.


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