In the Woods: What was Revealed to Me Today?

You never know what you will learn if you allow yourself to be open to the many ways we can be taught by YHVH (God).  He seems to always talk to me in the woods or, for lack of a better word…..nature.

I encourage you to not ignore the trees, grass, sun, water, animals and also people around you, who are here to express His glory.


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Also, let me clarify the translation of Joshua and Jesus.  Listening to my explanation, I felt I didn’t give all the information.

Joshua is the English translation of the Hebrew, Yeshua.

Jesus is the English translation of the Greek, Iesous

Iesous is the Greek translation of the Hebrew, Yeshua

Thus, Joshua, Jesus, Iesous, and Yeshua are the Messiah’s name in each respective language and translation of those languages.  Since the Messiah came as a Jew and Hebrew and lived in this culture, His friends, family and disciple most likely called Him, Yeshua.  I choose to call Him by His Hebrew name.



Thomas Lodi, MD – explaining how we process energy within us and how cancer is related to it.


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