Drinking 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Again

Here I Go Again
Note:  Incorrectly drinking high concentrations of food grade hydrogen peroxide can cause serious injury or possible death.

Last month, I began using drops of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in distilled water as a healing therapy.   About two-thirds into the protocol, I quit.
A “feeling in my gut” inspired that decision.

My previous post, “Can I Drink Hydrogen Peroxide.  Allen the Guinea Pig” documents the details.

Yet, as I reflected on that incident, a new revelation came to light…”My persistent sinus infection had been healed.”

One of the main reasons I began the hydrogen peroxide drinking was to discover whether it would affect that infection.


So, I believe subconciously I was making the decision to quit because my unrealized objective had been met…CURING THE SINUS INFECTION!



The Plan

Here’s the strategy:

  1. Drops of Hydrogen Peroxide, 3 times a day in Distilled Water for 16-21 Days (Dosage information here)
  2. Doing coffee enemies throughout the process to help with toxin elimination
  3. Giving you daily Youtube video updates on my progress.  Links will be shared below.  New link each day.
  4. At the end, eating all green for a month.


Links to Daily Youtube Video Updates:

Day 1

  • Slight effervescent feeling all over my body.
  • Few minutes later my eyes became a bit blurry.
  • Some pressure in the lower right back and abdomen.
  • Flatulence….LOTS of FARTING…LOL!



Day 2

  • Woke at 3:30 am coughing with chest congestion.
  • Cough with mucus expelled for about an hour.
  • Congestion in the left ear and constant ringing.
  • Excessive burping and bloated abdomen with some slight irritation in the left abdomen next to my navel.
  • Late afternoon, began to have intense pain just below my sternum along with pain in my abdomen and right side of my chest.  Drank some water, felt better.
  • After taking my third hydrogen peroxide drink for for the day, I the sternum, abdomen and chest pain stopped.  Also, could hear fizzling in my left ear.  Ear congestion improving.


Day 3

  • Upon awakening, I coughed phlegm and for most of the morning.
  • Coughing lessened by 12pm.
  • Feeling tired…run-down
  • Flatulence has substantially decreased.
  • Congestion in the chest and left ear contiues.


Day 4

  • Feels like the flu. Achy body, chills, scratchy throat and fatigue.
  • Less coughing but the coughs are producing greater amounts of mucus per cough.
  • Some disturbances in the gut.
  • Still clogged left ear.
  • Congestion in the chest and left ear continues.


Day 5

  • Feeling much better.
  • Occasional coughing with mucus expelled…Yuck!…However…GOOD!
  • Runny nose.
  • Energy level has increased.
  • No longer feeling tired/run-down.


Day 6

  • Less coughing….Less mucus.
  • No pain in the left check and gums.
  • Congestion in left ear continues to lessen.
  • More Energy



Day 7

  • Coughing frequency continues to decrease
  • Amount of mucus still decreasing
  • Slept well the night before
  • Energy level ever increasing



Day 8

  • Deeper sleep
  • Small amounts of mucus with occasional cough
  • Still increasing energy




Day 9

  • A bit of coughing with small amounts of mucus
  • Burned my lips .  H2O2 burns.




Day 10

  • Sinus drainage.
  • Still a bit of  coughing and mucus.




Day 11 -16

Why did I go to the hospital?



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