Does the Coffee Enema Work? My Story.

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The Coffee Enema.  My Story

What I’m about to share isn’t based on scientific facts or any medical expertise.

My testimony of the benefits of doing a coffee enema is my personal experience.

Since 2011, I’ve been routinely performing coffee enema

Back then, I had some digestive issues causing me great discomfort:

  1. A constant bubbling and churning center just below my sternum.
  2. A feeling like something was constantly stuck in my throat, I would cough believing it was phlegm but it didn’t help.
  3. Not able to sleep at night because as soon as I lie down, my abdomen area would jump around all night.
  4. Ongoing systemic candida issue (overgrowth of yeast)

At that time, my earnest desire was to find an alternative way to heal myself versus seeing my doctor.

I’d already begun a shift in my eating habits, eating more fresh fruits and veggies.

In addition, my recent enlightenment on the healing power of fasting had already launched me into regular water fasts.

So, having introduced the new diet and fasting, I’d had already begun to feel better.

The Coffee Enema Discovery

Upon my first awareness of coffee enemas, it wasn’t an immediate acceptance.

It happened a bit like this, “Hahahah….coffee enema!  This has to be a joke.  Who’s going to put coffee up their butt?  Not me!….LOL!”

Yep, that’s a pretty accurate account of my first reaction.

However, after researching throughout the internet, I encountered many ideas of ways to heal the body.

The main theme among most naturopathic and alternative medicine folks (and still so) was the idea that the body is full of toxins which inhibit the body’s ability  to heal itself.   These toxins are found everywhere.

The most effective way to increase the body’s natural ability to heal itself, is the removal or reduction of toxins within the body.

During my research, I remember encountering an article about Dr. Gerson.    Dr. Gerson is the pioneer in the resurgence of the use of coffee enemas.

Also according to researchers, the ancient Egyptians and Romans used similar protocols for detoxifying and healing the body.

After reading like hundreds of testimonies and information , I weighed the pros and cons finally decided,

I found the S.A. Wilsons website, a top-rated company that specializes in coffee enema supplies.  I ordered my enema coffee and supplies (bucket, hose, cleaning solution).

In a few days my stuff arrived, so I immediately read the instructions ready to begin my coffee enema journey.   A journey that still goes on to this day.

The coffee was not at all what I expected to see.   It had a lighter color.  They call it their s.a. Wilson Gold Roast.
It also smelled different from the reqular coffee you drink.

BTW….This is not drinking coffee but unique therapeutic enema coffee.

Yet, you may use regular coffee.  Just make sure it’s caffeinated and organic to lessen the chance of toxins being present.

Once the coffee was brewed and cooled.  I eagerly set-up for the enema.

This was a totally new experience for me.  One thing I didn’t expect was the uncomfortable feeling of sticking that tube into my butt.  It just felt wrong…LOL!

So once inside, I did not hold the coffee enema as long as prescribed.  I almost blew coffee all over the bathroom.

For about 5 minutes, I thought I was going to burst my rectum before I jumped to the toilet and let it release.

However, even though it was only 5 minutes, I noticed my insides for the first time had actually completely settled down.

The fasting and new eating habits had already helped to alleviate my issues.  But this new coffee enema thing had completely stopped the annoying gurgling within almost instantly.

Also, I felt renewed energy.   Yet, that could have been the result of directly injecting coffee into colon…LOL!

How Does the Coffee Enema Work?

Coffee enemas encourage the release of  glutathione S-transferase which is responsible for ridding the body of toxins.  This occurs in the liver where most of the toxic build-up occurs.

Your liver cleanses your blood of all toxins.  The caffeine in the coffee enema increases the speed at which you liver cleanses the blood.

Coffee Enema Benefits:

  • increases energy
  • strengthens your immune system
  • helps relieve candida overgrowth (yeast overgrowth)
  • cancer treatment
  • treats autoimmune diseases
  • relieves depression
  • removes parasites from the digestive tract
  • rids the body of heavy metals

What intrigued me most, were the claims of coffee enemas healing cancer patients and relieving candida overgrowth.   Didn’t want cancer and I desperately desired to banish the candida issue.

And cancer, well it’s cancer.  Anything that claims to treat cancer, catches my attention.

So, Does the Coffee Enema Work?

After regularly doing coffee enemas since 2011, these are my observations:

  1. Relieved my discomfort?  Yes!  The pain in the center of my abdomen is completely gone.
  2. Help to quickly remove toxins?. Yes! Especially in my liver, gallbladder and lower intestines.
  3. Given an increase in energy?  Yes!
  4. Relieved my candida?  Inconclusive.  The combination of water fasting and drastic reduction in sugar intake may have also contributed.  To what degree, I do not know.
  5. Boosted my immune system?  I really have no way of knowing.  However, I have not had any major illnesses since doing coffee enema’s except minor sinus complications.  The only moments I feel sick are when I don’t eat well.  Doing a coffee enema seems to help set things straight.
  6. Removed parasites?  Well, I don’t know.  No test have been done to determine.
  7. Relieved depression?  Not relevant for me.  I wasn’t depressed.
  8. Treat autoimmune disease?  Again, not relevant for me.


So, based on my personal experience I would highly recommend doing coffee enemas.

Yet, I know not everyone will have the same results.

Thus far, I’m happy with the results of coffee enemas playing the part in detoxifying my body (specifically my liver) and improvement in my health.

If you have any questions or comments, please say so below.

Thanks for reading.   Hope it was helpful.

Be Your Best and Be Blessed,

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