Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review: What I Disliked What I Liked.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder Review


My guess is you stumbled upon my blog while you were google searching for information on the best super food green powders or specifically looking for info on Amazing Grass Green Superfood.  Or, maybe not…LOL!

Hopefully so!

As a service to you, I’ll do my best to give you detailed info about Amazing Grass Green Superfood and my experience with it.

How Did I Discover Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder?

While on Amazon researching some green grass powders, Amazing Grass Green Powder popped-up into my feed.

For some reason, it perked my interest.

I checked out the ingredients….they mostly suited my criteria.

I read a few reviews,  starting with the one stars first then on up to the five stars.  I like to do that to get a good feel of what people like and dislike.

Most of the dislikes had to do with taste, complaining that it had an “earthy taste”…”taste too much like grass” (Duhh!..It’s grass!).

But taste isn’t a quality thing in my opinion but more of a preference for each individual.

By far, the 5 stars prevailed with most being happy with the ingredients and nutritional content with not so much concern with taste.  Yet, many of the 5 stars loved the taste.

So after digesting this information,  I decided to order a container of Amazing Grass Green Superfood to decide for myself about the taste, ingredients and overall quality.

What is Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder?

A blend of fresh green grasses and microalgae along with some fruits, veggies and probiotics added, Amazing Grass Green Superfood is a nutritionally enriched green powder giving an energy lift that also promotes better overall health.

I purchased the 8.5 oz (240g) size with 30 servings (8 grams each) in 8 ounces of water, juice or smoothie.

Containing several essential vitamins and minerals, with the greatest percentage being Vitamins A, K and C,  Amazing Grass Green Superfood’s has adequate nutritional content comparable to other green superfood powders.

Certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), All-Natural, Sugar Free, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Plant-Based, Kosher and Vegan, Amazing Grass Green Superfood meets many of the criteria of a lot of health food consumers such as myself.

For my gluten-free friends,  Amazing Grass Green Superfood is winner…

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Ingredients Include the Following:

Green Food Blend:
Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Barley Grass, Organci Alfalfa, Organic Spinach, Organic Spirulina, Organic Chlorella (cracked cell wall), Organic Broccoli
Antioxidant Blend:
Organic Rose Hips, Organic Pineapple, Organic Carrot, Acerola Cherry Extract, Green Tea Extract, Organic Acai, Organic Beet, Raspberry, Organic Maca
EFA Fiber Blend:
Organic Flax See, Apple Pectin
Digestive Enzyme & Active Culture Pre/Probiotic Blend:
F.O.S (Fructooligosaccharide from Chicory Root) and Probiotic Enzyme Blend [Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Protease (Spergillus oryzae), Amylase (Aspergillus oryzae), Lipase (Aspergillus niger), Lactase (Aspergillus oryzae) Cellulase (Trichoderma reesei)]
Also Contains:
Peppermint and Silica

My Thoughts On Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder

My Amazing Grass Green Superfood Arrives From Amazon!

When the box arrived from Amazon, it was smaller than I expected.

Duhhh!  I didn’t realize I had ordered the 8.5 oz container instead of the 28.2 oz…LOL!

I unpackaged the contents, got out my shaker bottle, poured in some spring water, opened the container, filled the scoop, tossed it in my cup, shook it up, lifted it to my mouth and experienced Amazing Grass Green Superfood for the very first time.

What Happened Next?

To my surprise, it had a very light (In my opinion, though I prefer a very heavy earthy taste.  One that makes wife gag…LOL!) flavor and consistency with a refreshing aftertaste.

My wife standing nearby asked, “How is it?”

I responded, “Wow! Very pleasant.  I didn’t expect the refreshing taste.  Let me check the ingredients again.”

To my surprise, I had overlooked the Peppermint that was listed in the “Other ingredients” category.

No disappointment.  Just unexpected.

I’m not sure I would have ordered it if I had noticed the peppermint.  Yet, in some strange twist of fate, I’m glad I missed it.

I happen to like the hint of peppermint refreshment.  It gives me a bit of pep.

To me, Amazing Grass Green Superfood is one of the best tasting green powders I’ve experienced thus far.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood also mixes well. 

When I say “mixes well.”  I mean when you shake or stir, it doesn’t clump as much as other green powders I’ve used.

As a test, in a 8 oz glass of water with one scoop, I stirred with gentle effort dissolving the clumps with ease.

The Disappointment I Experienced With Amazing Grass Green Superfood 

  1. The listed vitamins and minerals content.  Though the Vitamin C and K are adequate, I expected more Vitamin A and Potassium.  Maybe my expectations were too high.  It’s still rich in nutrients…..Far better than eating junk food; however not as high as other superfood green drink powders I’ve consumed.
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Calories 30
    Calories from Fat 0
    Total Carbohydrate  4 g 1%
    Dietary Fiber  2 g 8%
    Sugars <1g
    Protein 2 g
    Vitamin A (as beta carotene) 1,250 IU 25%
    Vitamin C 34 mg 57%
    Vitamin K 70 mcg 88%
    Calcium 52 mg 5%
    Iron 1.5 mg 8%
    Sodium 30 mg 1%
    Potassium 175 mg 5%
  2. I also desired a more earthy dirt taste.  Yep!..That’s right, I said “earthy and dirty.”
    I guess it’s from eating dirt when I was a kid…LOL!.   Yet, like I previously stated, the hint of peppermint pleasantly persuaded me into a new way of experiencing my dirt…<wink..wink>

What Do You Think?

With my experience and information I’ve given you, I hope it’s enough for you decide whether Amazing Grass Green Superfood is for you.

Like I stated previoulsly,   this stuff has a very light reviving taste.  I don’t know your taste preference but also let me reiterate, “Taste is based on personal preference.”  If you like earthy like dirt then this might not be your pick.

However what is earthy like dirt to you?  Hmm?  And what is tasty to you?

If you desire easy taste, Amazing Grass Green Superfood is one of the best tasting green superfood powders I’ve encountered thus far.

What the heck, why am going on about taste?

That may be of no concern to you at all…LOL!

For me, I just like GREEN!

Green foods are so enlivening to my body.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it has also calmed my gut.  Probably due to it’s probiotic content.

To sum it up, my experience with Amazing Grass Green Superfood has been satisfactory.

I recommend it.

Where Can You Buy Amazing Grass Green Superfood?

I got my Amazing Grass Green Superfood at Amazon.

You can click the link above or hover your mouse over the image to check it out.

I hope this review has been amazingly helpful to you.

Please leave questions or comments below.


Be Your Best and Be Blessed,
Go Live Pure

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