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Foods that Give You Gas

30 August, 2012 Allen 0

Got gas? Ever loudly passed gas when you least expected it. You might want to monitor the foods you’re eating so you can avoid the […]

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How I Make Milk Kefir

15 August, 2012 Allen 11

Some of the health benefits of Kefir: cleanses the intestines heals digestive troubles provides beneficial bacteria and yeast (not candida albicans) helps relieve or remedy […]

are plants sentient

Are Plants Sentient?

14 August, 2012 Allen 0

While walking through the woods on many occasions, I’ve often talked to the trees and plants in the woods.  In my heart,  I do believe […]

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Me Love Some Larabars!

13 August, 2012 Allen 4

Made with no more than 9 whole food ingredients, Larabars are  the only healthy snack bars I eat at this time.  Believe it or not, […]

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