Can Sitting Be Dangerous to Your Health

danvitalsquatDid you know that long term sitting could be more dangerous to your health than smoking.  That’s what recent studies have indicated.  Not that sitting is bad, but maybe the way we sit is the issue.

“A fourth of mankind habitually squats in fashion very similar to the squatting position of the chimpanzee, and the rest of us might squat this way too if we were not trained to use other postures beyond infancy.” -Gordon W. Hewes 

In the video below, Daniel Vitalis explains and demonstrates the benefits of the natural flat-footed squat sitting position.

Your Words Have Power

Recently, I received an email from a contact who had viewed my Squatty Potty Youtube video.  This person had noticed I hadn’t maintained my blog in months.  He shared some information and words of encouragement saying in his last line of the message, “I hope you are still fighting the good fight”.  Little did he know how I had been struggling to continue with this blog.  In reality, I didn’t fully believe that I could say something that would powerfully affect people.  My primary motivation for creating this blog was from my wife’s prompting Continue reading

Take Action to Be in Good Health

Some may wonder why many us who beleive in a God that heals and wants us in good health are getting just as sick as those who don’t believe.  Shouldn’t we be without disease or sickness?  Well, in my opinion,  it’s not the Almighty’s fault, it must be our misunderstanding  of some foundational principles of His Word.  Should we consider the clean and unclean meats mentioned in Leviticus 11?…… I think so (that’s a discussion for a later date).   :)

We are also constantly bombarded by toxicity in almost every aspect of our society with what seems to be a nil chance of avoiding it.  However, I believe it’s quite possible some of us may be expediting or aiding this attack on our health when we don’t evaluate the so-called “food” we put in our mouths. I ‘ve been guilty of this.  I believe low quality food doesn’t give us the nourishment needed for our bodies to be properly equipped to fend off attacks.  Thus there are instances of illness due to this factor.

I remember coming in prayer to YHVH (my God) about my health issues over and over again asking for healing.  The answer I heard, Continue reading

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

I believe the road to better health is found in consuming natural vitamins, minerals and whole foods. Known for their fresh, clean taste and antiseptic qualities, lemons are a whole food that definitely fit this category.

Lemons are popular for there culinary and medicinal uses. Lemon juice consists of about 5% citric acid which gives lemons their tarty flavor. Lemons Continue reading

Experiencing Nature Benefits Your Health

Our Creator has given us a mighty blessing in the natural surroundings He’s given us.  The trees, grass, streams of water and wildlife can have profound affect upon your well-being.  In the recent past, I have experienced this gift from God in a more intimate manner.  I spend lots of time in my backyard woods. I say backyard woods, because our house stands about 20 feet away from our wooded property.

During this time of intimacy Continue reading