Are You Eating Colors For Health

Eat Colors for HealthEat Colors for Health

NO, I’m not suggesting eating crayons or magic markers…LOL!

However, did you know the color of the food you eat can determine it’s nutritional value and purpose?

YES!…Eating colors for health is super good for YOU!

For instance, the color purple is good for the heart, arteries, brain and bone. Green (I REALLY LIKE GREEN!) aids lung health, liver function and eye health. Continue reading Are You Eating Colors For Health

Have You Heard of the Porta-Squatty?…The Portable Squatty Potty!

The Porta-Squatty!…GENIUS!

Porta-Squatty - The Portable Squatty Potty stool
Okay, I know, some of you are probably tired of hearing about the Squatty Potty.  However, I had to talk about this one.  Maybe I’m just a strange person, but something about the Squatty Potty just gets me excited. Maybe it’s my life’s calling…LOL!

When I layed eyes on the Porta-Squatty, the portable Squatty Potty, my first thought was…..WHAT?!….THAT’s COOL!

Continue reading Have You Heard of the Porta-Squatty?…The Portable Squatty Potty!

Is Bee Pollen Good For You?

Bee PollenIs Bee Pollen Good For You

I recently purchased a bottle of Y.S. Eco Organic Bee Farms Bee Pollen from my local nutrition store.  I’ve read it’s good for allergies, asthma and stomach problems.

For about a month now, I’ve been taking a teaspoonful, one to three times a day.

It’s recommended to start with a few granules when Continue reading Is Bee Pollen Good For You?

Have You Forgotten the Kid Dream?

Forgetting the Kid Dream

Can you remember dreaming when you were a kid?  I do. Or can we classify it as fantasizing?

Either way, they were thoughts, imaginations or mental pictures and stories that happened within our minds.  Sometimes these thoughts were acted out in role playing stories with friends or even imaginary friends..cute-kids-vector-set_71z6ib_L

Many of my imaginations and role-playing were played out alone.  I was a kid that was very well liked by everyone, however, I was really somewhat of an introvert.

Being an only child for the first 3.5 years of my life, I had learned to entertain myself by playing alone.  Much of this time alone involved me imagining what I saw myself being.

The common theme was me as a secret-agent like James Bond saving the world from the bad guys.  I was always this guy that was least suspected of Continue reading Have You Forgotten the Kid Dream?

Blue Sky Nutrition: My Local Nutrition Store

Supporting My Local Small Business – Blue Sky Nutrition in Florissant, Missouri USA

I love the shop at this place.  It’s privately owned which makes me happy to support  a local small business.  With all the big box stores pusBlue Sky Nutrition Health Food Store in Florissant Missourihing out the Mom and Pop’s businesses, it’s refreshing to see a small business that is thriving in the midst of the big boys.

Blue Sky Nutrition, a health and nutrition store in Florissant, MO (USA) is one of those places.

With a knowledgeable and welcoming staff, Blue Sky Nutrition is my choice to shop for my nutritional needs.  Continue reading Blue Sky Nutrition: My Local Nutrition Store