Top 5 Reasons To Drink Hint Water

What is Hint Water?

A pure infused blast of supreme drink-more-water-poster-design_zyQeVN_drefreshment and goodness is Hint Water. Recently, I discovered this treasure of high-end quality and taste.  Hint Water has done what no other flavored water could do for me….Almost replace plain water :)

Infused with delicious fruit flavors, Hint Water eliminates the boredom some may experience when forced to drink plain ole water. Choosing to drink Hint Water has been a simple choice for me.

How it Started

In 2004, a housewife Kara Goldin began selling homemade fruit flavored water out her garage to her friends and neighbors as a healthy alternative to sugar laden drinks. Kara soon realized she had something unique going on.  Soon after, Kara and her husband Theo launched Hint Water.

Today, being the only company that offers unsweetened fruit flavored water, Hint water has experienced explosive growth, fast becoming a leader in the flavored water Continue reading

The Squatty Potty Has Exploded…

Squatty Potty is Still Going Strong!   (Note: Check out the full review here)

Back in 2012,  I made a video on the Squatty Potty declaring my excitement at receiving my first Squatty.   Little did I know the video would go viral and several years later the Squatty Potty would be as well known as Coke.  Well, maybe not that well known :) squattyFeetpic

Even Howard Stern has been known to express the satisfaction he gets from his Squatty Potty.    Continue reading

I’m Back…Being Consistent is the Key!

I’m Back…and Making a Commitment to Consistency

Wow!   What an rImBackollercoaster I’ve been on the past 2 years.

The emotional crap I have let control my actions is disgusting.  I’ve literally fell into a deep cavern of dark emotions with momentary highs that quickly sunk into a bottomless pit of hell.  However, I will no longer dwell there.  And I believe everything I’ve experienced did not happen to destroy me but took place to strengthen me… develop and instill maturity.

Life is a long distance run, not a sprint.  Continue reading

I Must Water Fast Now!

Whenever I have those times in my life when I must get things under control.  When I’m having moments when all the prayer in the world doesn’t seemfast150 to change a thing, I add the second most powerful weapon in my arsenal….Fasting! Fasting and prayer always bring me to a breakthrough point.  I’ve been doing lots of prayer but no fasting.  Huh, I think it’s about time.

In the past, I’ve done several of two types of fasting; juice fast and water-only.  Of the two, Continue reading

Not Just About Food and Good Health

me3When I started this blog, my intentions were to get the word out about my nutritional habits and physical health being transformed from bad to much better.  I say that with a smile.  Why?  Because I’m still learning with hiccups along the way.  With doubts, fears, inconsistency and ignorance.

My journey is also not just about the physical nature of nutrition and good health.  This journey includes a spiritual aspect Continue reading